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It can feel daunting to navigate mental health services, especially when you're not an expert. This can lead to frustration, waste of time (and money) and too often in giving up on finding appropriate support altogether.

Our services tackle this exact challenge.

How?  By conducting a thorough assessment of your situation.

For what purpose?  Gain clarity and insight on what's happening, as well as receiving feedback and guidance custom tailored to your needs.

This will take place in the following manner: 
• First session - gather information on your overall situation and identify your needs (approximately 45 minutes)
• Second session - share our analysis and answer your questions (same duration).

Languages (native or bilingual proficiency): English, French, Italian

Platforms: Skype, Zoom

Total fee: 150EUR

This includes:
• Written summary for your reference
• PDF guide (available in EN, FR or IT) containing information on how to properly choose a mental health professional

- Are you offering in person sessions?
Due to the current health crisis, all appointments will be held online.

- How is payment organized?
In order to confirm the booking of your first session, you'll need to pay 75€ (or the equivalent in your local currency). The remaining balance is expected to be covered upon scheduling the second session.

- I cannot find availabilities to schedule the second session. Am I missing something?
It's on a secret page! Jokes aside, your second session will be agreed upon directly with the Psychologist, usually a few days after the first appointment.

- Will I undergo a psychological test?

- Why not?
Psychological tests are tools which measure specific aspects of one's personality. As we will conduct a general assessment, using such tools is not necessary.

- I'd like to discuss issues in my marriage/relationship: is this suitable?
The sessions are meant for individuals, not couples nor groups. However you are free to bring couple related topics.